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Latest releases (5)Published on
cubicweb-pyscience - 0.5.0 [published]2012/02/28
cubicweb-pyscience - 0.4.0 [published]2012/02/27
MMTK - 2.7.5 [published]2011/11/18
cubicweb-euroscipy - 0.10.0 [published]2011/06/16
MMTK - 2.7.3 [published]2011/04/28
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New projects (5)Description
python-libmedPython bindings for the libmed library
libasterTurn EDF Code_Aster into a python library for mechanical simulation using finite elements
salome-pyutilsUseful wrapping for Salomé
MMTKan open source library for molecular simulation applications
ScientificPythona Python library for common tasks in scientific computing
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